Above Entertainment

Above Entertainment global music venture, founded in 2008, that is “committed to the creativity and integrity of our artists and songwriters.”  When AE came to us, we knew the site had to cater to both the creative musicians and artists, as well as the music industry executives and professionals.  So the design and layout had to have a cool, edgy design, but also be well structured and organized. The landing page for the site has this really cool flash element that shows a dressing room door with a big gold star that leads the viewer into the site.  Our lead designer said, “If you had told me I would ever have designed a landing page with a door on it that you clicked to ‘enter’ a site, I would’ve never believed it. I mean, that sounds so cheesy and cliche.  But this really turned out cool… it just worked.”

My best memory of working on this project was the day after we went live, I received a voicemail from Angie at AE that said, “Oh my gosh Matt, I love this site. I love it… I can’t stop looking at it!” That was a good day.