This website has a great, fun design that captures the energetic fun nature of JUMP, a four day summer camp that 3000+ kids from 5-13 attend each year.  One of my favorite features of this website is the online registration system – we made it very easy for parents to enter all the vital information about their children.  Rather than having to type in duplicate information for each child, a click of a button copies the information entered from the first child.  Or better yet, each child registered this year will not have to be re-entered next year.  The information is automatically imported from year to year, so it really couldn’t be any easier.

As you can imagine, keeping track of 3000+ kids requires a great plan and even better execution.  The JUMP administration system we developed allows staff to manage all of the registrations, medical information, group assignments, and even camp scheduling from a single secure website.  There is even a built-in system for managing a gift certificate/scholarship module which allows people to purchase JUMP gift certificates in advance to give as gifts — or scholarships to give to those unable to afford to send their kids to JUMP.

By far, our favorite feature of this entire system is the iPad/iPhone Admin Web Application.  This secure system allows authorized administrative and medical personnel to pull up information about a child in a snap, right from their iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  All of the screens are formatted specifically for these devices, and provide a truly simple user interface that is true to the iPhone look and feel.

By putting all of this information into the hands of the administrators and medical personnel, we were able to save over 20,000 pieces of paper used in the reports and medical information pages that needed to be printed and distributed.  In total, we are saving approximately 20,000 sheets of paper every year.  This is not only a savings in paper costs, but also all of man-hours of printing, stapling, and distributing the reports.