Leaps & Bounds

Leaps & Bounds is a great company, with a heart for helping kids with developmental issues, autism, etc.  According to Carrie Salyer, Occupational Therapist and co-founder of L&B, “When parents first suspect their child might have a problem, they ask teachers, pediatricians, and other parents for help but don’t get the answers they need.  So by the time they get to us, they are frustrated, afraid, and feeling helpless.”

We knew L&B had the answers these parents are looking for, and it was our goal to develop a site that made it easy for them to find and understand.  It had to establish L&B as an expert in their field, so the parents reading the information would know that they were trustworthy.  So in addition to a great looking, well organized site, we setup a blog for Carrie and Lisa to their “expert” articles online so parents in need could find the information they need to help get them through whatever problems their child is experiencing.

The new design was a hit, with Rob, Carrie, and Lisa (the founders) as well as with their clients.  “We have received so much great feedback on the site – we couldn’t be happier.”