Marketing Sails

Marketing Sails responsible for turning a fleet of  42’ Catalina Sailboats into an armada of floating billboards.  Their specialized ability to print custom ads on the boat’s sails and hulls, coupled with the inherent ability for luxury sailboats to “be where the people are, and capture their attention”, resulted in a product that attracted was used by some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  The website we developed for them was going to be the “first-impression” sales tool – so it had to convey they possbilities of the product at first glance, and engage the viewer enough to draw them further into the site.

The resulting site had a great landing page that beautifully showcased the product, as well as highlighted the big brands that they serviced and targeted.  A simple “call to action” button made it easy for them to decide to go further into the site and learn more about this great company.