Real Estate Express

The American School of Real Estate Express, known more commonly as Real Estate Express, is arguably the most successful online real estate training school in the country.  Like many companies, however, their website was becoming very dated, cluttered, and, well, ugly.

When we started working with RealEstateExpress, they had just had a new logo created and were excited about having their entire website redesigned.  They chose us to do the work because in our initial meeting with them, we talked about the importance of conversion (simply put, a conversion is when someone who visits your website actually buy something from you) – while other companies they talked to were focused solely on the design.

When we got started, the only design instruction we were given was the it had to use their new logo, and it had to use an “olive and terra cotta” color scheme.  “Not a problem”, we said. Working closely with David Goldstein, co-founder of RealEstateExpress, we designed a new site that that they loved.  They loved it so much in fact that they hired us to redesign another website for them (, and create a new site (similar to RealEstateExpress) called Insurance License Express.

I’ve heard it said that “imitation is the fondest form of flattery” – and I think there is some truth to that.  And in this case, we’re flattered to see that we’ve really impacted the competition.  In fact, at least three of their competitors have “imitated” key design elements we created for REX in their own sites.  So much so in fact, that David has already contacted me about coming up with a completely new site design.  I can’t wait!