Sprint/Nextel selected Preferred Wireless as one of a handful of authorized business agents for a special sales channel that allowed them to sell phones and services to employees of businesses that use Sprint as their carrier, at the same discounted rates that the business received.  ”This is a huge opportunity” said Rick McMichael, owner of Preferred Wireless, “we need to create a really easy and intuityive shopping experience for our customers, with a customized site for each business we serve.”  We were up to the challenge…

First things first – we developed the ecommerce shopping experience.  It was fairly complicated in that we weren’t just adding products to a shopping cart.  We had to mach certain phones with plans, and plans with certain options and add-ons, so the whole process had to be aware of what the customer was trying to do.  In addition, it had to accommodate “Family Plans” where there can be up to 5 phones on one plan, each with their own custom options and add-ons.  Conceptually we had it figured out – the trick was implementing it in a way that was obvious to the customer just what they needed to do.

Secondly, we had to make the site flexible enough to accommodate multiple businesses – so if an employee of Anheuser-Busch visited the site, they would see AB’s logo and receive he AB discount, and if an employee of Panera visited they saw the Panera branding and discounts, etc.

In the end the shopping experience and co-branding solution we developed was very flexible and easy to use, and the co-branding and product catalog was simple enough for the staff at Preferred Wireless to maintain on their own, without requiring any special technical skills.