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Danny Liston

Danny Liston is a rocker from way back – with roots as the lead singer of Mama’s Pride ( a band hat toured with with rock legends such as Lynyrd Skynyrd) Danny’s southern rock style is sure to please.  Danny’s most recent album, No Other Name, was the basis of the new site design.  Using the album artwork, the style was both rich and edgy, rough and smooth — just like Danny.

Above Entertainment

Above Entertainment global music venture, founded in 2008, that is “committed to the creativity and integrity of our artists and songwriters.”  When AE came to us, we knew the site had to cater to both the creative musicians and artists, as well as the music industry executives and professionals.  So the design and layout had to have a cool, edgy design, but also be well structured and organized.

Marketing Sails

Marketing Sails responsible for turning a fleet of  42’ Catalina Sailboats into an armada of floating billboards.  Their specialized ability to print custom ads on the boat’s sails and hulls, coupled with the inherent ability for luxury sailboats to “be where the people are, and capture their attention”, resulted in a product that attracted was used by some of the most recognizable brands in the world.  The website we developed for them was going to be the “first-impression” sales tool – so it had to convey they possbilities of the product at first glance, and engage the viewer enough to draw them further into the site.

Service International

As a global disaster relief agency, it is important that Service International’s website be able to “tell the story” from the time first responders arrive on the scene through the restoration process, and capture the impact to the people they help.

Real Estate Express

The American School of Real Estate Express, known more commonly as Real Estate Express, is arguably the most successful online real estate training school in the country.  Like many companies, however, their website was becoming very dated, cluttered, and, well, ugly.