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St. Louis Family Church

The St. Louis Family Church website has a lot of great features – not the least of which is the flexible content management system.  Using WordPress allows SLFC to maintain almost all of the content of the site themselves – meaning the don’t have to pay someone every time they want to make a change.  Also – we developed a few custom plugins for the site that automatically pull content from third-party systems, such as Flickr and Vimeo, so all SLFC has to do is upload a video or photo to either of those free services and they are automatically published on the site.

Leaps & Bounds

Leaps & Bounds is a great company, with a heart for helping kids with developmental issues, autism, etc.  According to Carrie Salyer, Occupational Therapist and co-founder of L&B, “When parents first suspect their child might have a problem, they ask teachers, pediatricians, and other parents for help but don’t get the answers they need.  So by the time they get to us, they are frustrated, afraid, and feeling helpless.”